103 Squadron RAF



Personnel No 103 Squadron RAF 1918 cont'd

103 Sqn Sergeants photographed at Ronchin

(Photo courtesy of the David Fell collection)

Ground Staff

Sgt. Mech R C Allen Rigger

Cpl. Mech C H Armitage Fitter Eng Acc Killed 25 Oct

Pte. Lawrence Alfred Atkinson Observer KIA 5 Jun 1918

Pte. A E Baker Armourer

Pte. H F Baker

C Mech C J Barnes Fitter Eng

Cpl. Mech J B Barnes Rigger

Cpl. J S W Barnes

A/Cpl. L Beel Rigger

AMI J S Bennett Coppersmith

AMIII John Richard Billington Fitter

A/Cpl. W Bond Turner

AMIII G J Bradley Rigger

AMI R W Bradley Electrician

AMII H H Brown

AMIII W Brown Fitter

AMIII F C Campbell Photographer

Pte. A Clark

AM Crane

AMIII Dady Storeman

AMII J Dawber Photographer

AMII Devaney  Machinist

AMIII P Dillon Welder

Pte. W Doherty Batman

AMII F Dolan

AMIII W W Dowdeswell Fitter

Pte. J Ellder Armourer

AMII John Ellis  (Died 14 Jul 1918)

Flt. Sgt. Wilfred Alfred Ellis (Orderly Room FS)

AMI David Jenkin Morris Evans (Instrument Repairer)

Pte. R L Evans

AMIII G H Fielding Carpenter

Chief Mech. Fisher

Sgt. France

AMI D French Fitter

Sgt. R W Fullerton Fitter Eng

Cpl. W Gatehouse Carpenter

Clk 2 H F L Gibbons Clerk

AMII S Glaser

Cpl. Andrew Thomson Gourlay (responsible for bombs while Sqn was in France)

AMIII H Griffith Coppersmith

AMII R Guest

AMI E Halliwell Driver

AMI Hardacre

AMII G Haskins

AMI J R Henderson Fitter Eng

AMI H Herbert Fitter Gen

CM F Hern Rigger

Cpl. C Holloway

AMIII A H Horton Turner

AMII William Horton KIA 5 Jun 1918

Sgt. Howard

AMII H Herbert Fitter

Pte. Humphreys

Cpl. C J Ingram Fitter Eng

AMIII T C Jarvis Photographer

A/Cpl. C A Jesson Storeman

AMIII P Joyce Fitter Eng

AMIII V Kingdon Rigger

AMII F H Latimer Clerk

AMII J Lord Rigger

Cpl. L Mack

AMI J A Mahoney Blacksmith

AMIII C Malings Driver

Cpl. Mech A May Photographer

AMIII George Stanley McMillan (Died)

Pte. A Middleton Armourer

AMIII N Millen Fitter

Pte. F E Miller

AMI F L Mitchell Rigger

AMIII S Moglenski Coppersmith

AMIII Muirhead

AMI R Mulford

AMIII Robert Newby

AMII J Ogden Driver

AMIII C A Page Electrician

AMIII A C Palfreman Vulcaniser

AMIII B Parkes Driver

AMIII A J R Parr Driver

AMII J Parry Rigger

Pte. W H Pascoe

Sgt. Mech W A Peagam Armourer

Pte. Potter Motorcyclist

AMIII Pourley Bomber

AMIII P B Phillips Photographer

AMII A Prigg Fitter Eng

AMII H H Prime

AMII J T Raison Driver

AMI H Randall Armourer

AMII William Smith Rankin KIA 5 Jun 1918

AMIII J Reece Fitter

Cpl. E S Reeve

Sgt. Mech T Reeves Fitter Eng

Cpl. J Regan

AMI Reinstadtler Driver

Pte. A G Robbins Batman

AMIII A F Roberts Rigger

AMIII F H Roberts Fitter learner

Cpl. Mech J M Rowe Fitter Eng

AMII W Rudd Driver

Cpl. Mech H C Russell Fitter

AMI G W Russell Fitter Eng

AMII Saunders Sailmaker

AMII W Scrammage Driver

AMII W G Shadbolt Rigger

Sgt. Maj F E Skelland

AMIII J A Stephens Fitter

Sgt. H Strype

AMI R Taylor Fitter Eng

Cpl. H Tilley

AMII Tithiradge Electrician

Cpl. A E Upson Rigger

Pte. W Vinal

Pte. J Walton Armourer

Sgt. E Wardley

AMII E Ware Driver

Pte. R Warren Armourer

AMI A W Webb Rigger

AMIII W J Whiskin Rigger

Sgt. H White Fitter Gen

Sgt. Mech C H Wildbore Blacksmith

A/Cpl. C Wood Carpenter

AMII Frederick George Wood

CM Mech. J V Yates Technical

No 103 Squadron Aircrew

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