103 Squadron RAF



 No 103 Squadron RAF Claims and Losses 1918


22 May Lt. Windridge & 2nd Lt. Allen claimed 1 Albatross OOC over Douai


20 May 2nd Lt. Wrightson WIA

20 May 2nd Lt. Clarke WIA


6 June  Capt Stubbs & 2nd Lt. Dance, 2nd Lt. Heebner & Lt. Henderson and Lt. Leiper & Pte. Buffery shared 1 Fokker DVII DES and another OOC over Fretoy (SW of Ham).

9 June Lt. Leiper & Pte. Buffery claimed 1 Pfalz OOC over Lagny

16 June Lt. Darroch & Lt. Tussaud claimed an EA driven down OOC



5 June Capt Turner &  2nd Lt. Webb KIA  over Warsy-Liglieres

5 June AMII Horton KIA

5 June AMII Rankin KIA

5 June Pte. Atkinson KIA

6 June Cpl. Holloway WIA

6 June AMI Mulford WIA

6 June Pte. Evans WIA

6 June Pte. Baker WIA

6 June Pte. Pascoe WIA

9 June Lt.s WindridgeAllen MC KIA

12 June  2nd Lt.s  McGee & Thompson KIA over Montdidier

13 June 2nd Lt. Bayly WIA

16 June  2nd Lt.s Hirst & Hughes  KIA over Crape-au-Mesnil

16 June 2nd Lt. Mercer-Smith & Sgt. Anderson WIA POW at Roye.

16 June Sgt. Hamilton MIA


2 July Capt Dowding & 2nd Lt. Eddy claimed 1 DFW OOC over Steenwerck

4 July two Pfalz claimed OOC (2030) Capt Stubbs & Lt. Dance and Lt. Dodds & Lt. Russell

8 July Lt.s Chrispin & Wadsworth claimed a  Pfalz DII DES over Harbourdin-Bac St Maur

13 July Capt Sparks and Lt. Loly claimed 1 Pfalz OOC W. of Armentieres


4 July 2nd Lt. Souter an observer/gunner KWF (fell to his death from his aircraft).

8 July  2nd Lt. Marshall WIA

9 July 2nd Lt.s Dunn & Hinchcliffe  POWs

9 July 2nd Lt. Smith KWF

12 July Lts Posey and Dance injured (crashed after take off)

20 July Lt. Carson & 2nd Lt. Hawkins  KIA over Armentieres

22 July Lt. Houston & 2nd Lt. Clarke  KIA over Houplines 

22 July 2nd Lt. Round WIA

31 July 2nd Lt. Nixon WIA


10 August bombing of Peronne station claimed four Fokker DVIIs;Lt.s Tennant & Drummond one DES; Lt. Hett & Sgt. Stevens one DES;Capt Dowding & 2nd Lt. Jenkins, Lt. Dodds & 2nd Lt. Corey each claimed one OOC

11 August over Estaires Lt. Dodds and 2nd Lt. Corey  claimed two Fokker DVIIs OOC

19 August over Lomme Capt Sparks and Lt. Loly claimed one Pfalz DES

25 August bombing Lomme two Fokkers claimed DES and three OOC; Capt Stubbs & Lt. Russell and Capt Dodds & Lt. Corey made two claims each

On 30 August recce  between Bac St Maur and Armentieres  Capt Stubbs & Lt. Dance claimed one EA driven down out of control.

30 August recce over Laventie,  Lt.s Hett & Eddy claimed one Fokker DR1 DES (wings fell off), and another OOC.


12 August 2nd Lt. Stirrup WIA



6 September bombing Fives Capt Stubbs & 2nd Lt. Dance claimed 1 Fokker DES over Lille

24 September bombing Sante,  Lt.s Chrispin & Bannerman claimed one EA OOC.

27 September bombing Wasne-au-Bac, one Fokker (DVII) OOC (0900-30)  Capt Stubbs & 2nd Lt. Dance


16 September bombing around Lille incl. Lomme airfield; 2nd Lt. Cole & Sgt. Hookway KIA; Capt. Ayrton & 2nd Lt. Jenkins POW latter DOW (hit by AA)

18 September Lt. Phillips & 2nd Lt. Owen KIA over Lille (assumed hit by AA, but claimed on the German side by a Flak unit and by Jasta 52 pilot OfStv O Sowa over Lille.)

24 September bombing Sante,   Lt. Heebner & 2nd Lt. Davenport photographing this raid, KIA over Lorgies; Lt. Noel KIA & Sgt. Ovens POW downed over La Bassée. Both claimed by Jasta 20 pilots.

27 September bombing raids on Wasne-au-Bac (N. of Cambrai),  2nd Lt. Crees, observer, WIA

29 September Capt. Sparks DFC WIA

29 September 2nd Lt. Russell DFC WIA

30 September 2nd Lt. Eddy WIA


4 October recce over Barry LVG driven down (0745) claimed by Capt Dodds & 2nd Lt. Corey

23 October bombing Leuze, two Fokker DVIIs DES, two OOC and another driven down. One claimed DES by 2nd Lt.s Marchant & Slater, two claimed DES & OOC by Sgt. Haines & 2nd Lt. McDonald (Recce 1650) and one OOC by Sgt. McNeill & 2nd Lt. Davison (Bombing 1650)

26 October recce over Leuze one Fokker driven down OOC (1610) by Lt. Tennant & 2nd Lt. Drummond

30 October bombing Rebaix airfield & Chapelle-a-Wattines claimed five EA DES and two others OOC . Capt Stubbs & Lt.  Bannerman claimed a Fokker DES (1430) over Montrenuil-au-Bois; Lt. Hett & 2nd Lt. Nicholls claimed two Fokkers. Other claims made by Lt. Hallawell & Sgt. Watkinson one DES (1440) over Chapelle-a-Wattines, Sgt. Haines & 2nd Lt. MacDonald, and Sgt.s Shepherd & Westcott one DES (0955) over Mainvault. Sgt.s McNeill & Stevens also claimed one OOC (0955) over Mainvault


7 October Sgt. McKie KIA & 2nd Lt. Pitot DOW  bombing Denain (hit by AA)

25 October Sgt. White Pilot KWF & Cpl Armitage DOI 26th

25 October Capt. Darroch WIA

25 October Lt. Loly WIA

30 October Sgt. Silvester WIA POW & 2nd Lt. Lansdale POW (hit by AA)

30 October Lt. Nicholls observer DOW




1 November 2nd Lt.s  Tennant & Drummond WIA POW;

4 November Lt. Carey & 2nd Lt. MacDonald, POW after raid at Chapelle-a-Wattines


KIA - killed in action, KWF - killed while flying, DOW - died of wounds, KIFA - killed in flying accident, DOI - died of injuries, WIA - wounded in action, MIA - missing in action, DES - destroyed, OOC - out of control

No 103 Squadron Aircrew

No 103 Squadron Ground Staff